Month: October 2016

Halloween Fun at Cornell

Ken in our assembly shop dressed up today in his 90’s vintage Cornell attire. Even on the last day of the month when the shop guys are working hard to get promised orders out, they know how to have fun!

RETA Chapter Meeting

Cornell Pump was honored to give a refrigeration maintenance presentation to the Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) chapter in the Tri Cities (Washington). Cornell Application engineer and an assembler went over the proper maintenance for our open (CB) series and hermetic (Arctic King) series. Learn more about the refrigeration series here on the Cornell… Read more »

Cornell Slurry Pumps       

Some Cornell Pump SP series pumps are shipping out today. Photos show a 4SP with a Redi-Prime®  and Run Dry system and 3SP with belt guard. Read more about the SP series, Redi-Prime, and Run Dry Systems in related brochures.

Learn How Shafts are Made at Pump School

Ever wonder how a piece of metal gets turned into a precision Cornell Pump shaft? This video vignette shown on our Pump School tours, gives a glimpse of how the shafts are made. If you attend Pump School 2017 you can see the shaft cell, assembly area, paint booth, test lab, and much more on… Read more »

Centrifugal Pump Curve Classifications

There are four basic types of pump curve shapes that you will usually find for centrifugal pumps: Gradually rising – the most common type Steep – probably the second most common type Flat Drooping Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each of these. If you start on the right side (maximum capacity) of… Read more »

Kindle Fire Winner at RETA Show

Eric Rice of Industrial Refrigeration Services in Visalia, CA is the proud winner of Cornell Pump’s Kindle Fire Raffle at RETA 2016. Congratulations Eric! If you didn’t happen to attend RETA this year, you can still learn about Cornell Pump’s Arctic King series. Prominently featured at the show, the Arctic King offers operation at 1,200/1800… Read more »

Centex Visit

CENTEX Africa had a contingent of pump professionals in for a Pump School the last couple days. Classroom presentations from Cornell Pumps PE certified engineers, as well as knowledgeable sales staff, was augmented by hands on learning in the factory. Cornell Pump is getting ready for Pump School 2017 in January. You can learn about pump… Read more »

Cornell at RETA 2016

Cornell Pump Company is showcasing its latest refinements in refrigeration pump technology this week at the RETA conference in Las Vegas. Among the highlights are a new, multi-stage hermetic pump model with built-in bearing monitoring that can operate as low as 10 GPM with no cavitation. Come down to the show and greet the crew!