Month: April 2018

Seal Replacement Video

Cornell’s new instructional video explains how to replace a seal on a pump with a threaded impeller. Useful in manure, as well as some industrial and mining applications, the video can be viewed in conjunction with many of the other instructional videos on Cornell Pump’s YouTube channel.  We cover a range of topics, from replacing… Read more »

Cornell Self Primers Work Well in Tomato Trash Wash

    Cornell self-priming pumps replaced electrical submersibles in a tomato processing plant. The pumps are used in the trash wash phase, where tomatoes are cleaned prior to being processed. This wastewater stream carries leaves, grit, dirt; stems, and other materials. The electric submersibles were unreliable, often failing, and backing up the wastewater into the… Read more »

Cornell Pump in Kentucky

Cornell Pump, in conjunction with our distributor Endesol, is in Lexington, Kentucky for a regional Pump School. Dozens of engineers and water operators are learning about municipal applications today. To see an expanded school offering, check out our annual Pump School in September.

Signaling the Future

Cornell Pump has new, illuminated signs on our building. Featuring the Cornell Pump logo, company name, and tag line Efficient By Design, the new signs replace signs that had been installed when Cornell moved into the building in 1999. The signs  glow with halo LEDs at night, making Cornell Pump more noticeable and easier to… Read more »