Month: April 2020

Tuesday Tip: Use Your Checklist at Start-up!

Last week, we talked about the importance of having your Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual handy for maintenance and repair on your pump—those are great times to reference your guide. Another great time though, is when the pump arrives! The O&M manual will help familiarize you with the pump operation, and importantly should have a… Read more »

Learn About Our New Co-Pilot Pump Monitoring System

Cornell Pump’s Co-Pilot Pump monitoring system is receiving rave reviews during this time of limited in-person contact. The new monitoring system allows end-users to check their pump’s operation from thousands of miles away by simply checking an intuitive app or their mobile device or desk top. Learn more about Cornell Co-Pilot in this short informative… Read more »

#TuesdayTip—O&M Manuals

Cornell Pump, along with most other manufacturers, send Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals out with pumps at the time of purchase. Our manuals are chock-full of good operational ideas and techniques for getting the best performance and longest life out of your rotating equipment. With more than 225 pump models across more than a dozen… Read more »

Install and Replace Wear Rings

Cornell Pump has an exciting series of how-to videos on our YouTube page. Many are less than four minutes long, but provide a wealth of time-saving information. The video we are featuring today, shows how to easily and efficiently install and replace wear rings on a centrifugal pump backplate. Watch this procedure, and learn more… Read more »

Cornell Multi-Stage Hermetic Refrigeration Pump—Pressures up to 100PSI

 Cornell Pump is extending our hermetic refrigeration line with a multi-stage pump, with pressures up to 100 PSI, and cavitation-free operation as low as 11 GPM per minute.  Designed for two-pole operation at 3,600 RPM, the 1.25 multi-stage pump features a built in bearing monitor, with an additional 4-20mA output for remote wear monitoring.  Made… Read more »

National Laundry Day—April 15, 2020

You might associate April 15 with tax day in the United States, but April 15 is also declared as national laundry day, Cornell Pump has many of our pumps involved in laundry, from producing soaps and industrial cleaning products, to powering washing machines for commercial laundries, and helping with waste water removal. Keep it clean… Read more »

Cornell Cyclone Short-Set Vertical Turbines Are Shipping Now in Oil-Lubricated and Open Line Shaft

Cornell Pump recently launched our Cyclone® VT Vertical Turbine Pump Series, in both Enclosed (oil-lubricated) Line Shaft (ELS) and Open (media-lubricated) Line Shaft (OLS) designs. The RB series irrigation pumps are recast into robust, single-bowl short-set vertical turbines with Cornell’s signature superior hydraulics and quality. Ideal in short-set turbine applications for agricultural, municipal, and industrial… Read more »

Introducing the 81022MPL, 4817T, and 4817MP pumps for solids handling manure applications and beyond!

Cornell Pump is excited to introduce three new pump models with solids handling capabilities, the 81022MPL, 4817T, and 4817MP. Useful in many instances, these three pumps especially excel in manure transfer applications. All three models are made with Cornell’s legendary robust construction, and feature industry-leading hydraulics, warranties, and Cornell’s patented Cycloseal® no-flush required mechanical seal… Read more »

Cornell Closed April 10th for Good Friday

Cornell Pump Company will be closed for Good Friday and the Easter Holiday, starting at 5PM PST on Thursday, April 9th. Our offices will re-open on Monday, April 13th, at 7AM PST. Have a great holiday weekend!

Cornell has Pumps in Stock for Quick Shipping!

Cornell Pump offers numerous stock pumps ready to ship quickly! Especially with canal water coming online in much of the West in the last few days, you or your clients may have noticed the need for spare parts or replacement pumps. We’re working hard in our factory near Portland, Oregon to have everything you’d need,… Read more »