Pump Housings and Coverings

It’s the height of summer here in North America and the sun is often beating down; but pumps still need coverings even in the hot/dry weather! We’ve had NPSH issues because of temperate increases of pipping being in the sun, and even pumps misaligning because of being painted black and sitting in direct sunlight, causing… Read more »

How to use the Cornell Pump wood box?

Euromacchine, a Cornell Pump distributor in Italy, showed us how they repurposed our shipping crate into a tree house! We’re looking forward to seeing how additional pump shipment crating will be used to make into an expanded deck for the tree house, or even a second-level addition.   We meticulously pack pumps for sea shipping or… Read more »

Cornell Cyclone Turbine—VT Series Video

Cornell designed and built our short set vertical turbines—the Cyclone VT series—to be robust, reliable, and efficient. Based on our very popular RB and H series centrifugal pumps, the short set vertical turbines are great for pivots, micro-irrigation, and other agricultural applications. Offered in enclosed and open lineshaft models, with up to 100 PSI of… Read more »

Tuesday Tip: Troubleshooting Refrigeration Pumps

Cornell Pump has been manufacturing (and troubleshooting ) refrigeration pumps since the 1950s. Our open drive CB Series has been a consistent performer for decades, and our Arctic King line of hermetic refrigeration pumps has proved very popular since introduction in 2013. Here are some symptoms, possible causes, and corrective actions to take when dealing… Read more »

Proper Submergence of Inlet to Avoid Vortex

If a pump suction is not placed an acceptable distance from the surface of the liquid, the pump can experience vortexing.  Similar to cavitation, with the loss of efficiency and damage that can occur to the pump, vortexing is the result of too much water relative to the pit/sump depth being drawn into the suction… Read more »

Keep Your Condensed Hydraulic Data Book Handy

A couple of weeks ago, Cornell had a request for some of Condensed Hydraulic Data Books from a P.E. in South Carolina. These slim, pocket-vest sized books have been offered by us for decades. The engineer who requested the books wrote: “I have had the pleasure of using the Cornell Pump condensed hydraulic data book… Read more »

Memorial Day 2020

In honor of those who gave their lives in service to our country, Cornell Pump Company will be closed for Memorial Day, May 25, 2020. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we will be back on Tuesday, May 26th.

Tuesday Tip: Easy Shaft Sleeve Removal With No Special Tools!

Often, pump maintenance and repairs are done out in the field with no access to shop tools. One of the most common maintenance tasks is replacing the shaft sleeve. Did you know there’s an easy way to remove the shaft sleeve, using only two hammers? This method works so well that it is often preferred… Read more »

40 Year Anniversary of Mt St Helens. The eruption was just the beginning.

Many may remember the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980. Cornell Pump is located about 50 miles from the volcano as the crow flies, and the eruption was fiercely felt and imminently visible for our hometown. During that eruption, 57 people were tragically killed,  the mountain blew more than 1,110 feet (335… Read more »

Cyclone VT Series Vertical Turbine Makes a Big Impression

A Cyclone VT Series lineshaft turbine (25’ 6RB-75HP Open Lineshaft Turbine) is loaded onto a transport semi for delivery. Cornell offers both enclosed (oil-lubricated) and open (media-lubricated) lineshaft designs in 10 models, with numerous discharge heads combinations, and variable shaft lengths. Based on our popular RB series of pumps, the Cyclone series is a single… Read more »