Announcing the winners of our LinkedIn contest

Cornell is excited to announce the winners of our 5K followers drawing! When we hit 5,000 followers on LinkedIn, we told those that had followed us, and any that followed us with the next week, they would be entered into a drawing for some Cornell swag. The prizes and winners include: Cornell Yeti Rambler Kevin… Read more »

Early Bird Pricing ends August 15th on Cornell Pump Company’s first-ever virtual pump school!

Hundreds of people have taken advantage of the early-bird pricing on virtual pump school. At $59 for three days of classes, that is less than $4.00 an hour for industry-leading instruction! But, the early-bird pricing is ending on Saturday, August 15. Register now for the lowest price. Virtual Pump School runs Tuesday, September 15 through… Read more »

Tuesday Tip: Packing Pumps

Packing is often used as a sealing method for general purpose and agricultural pumps. For the packing to be effective, and not be overheated by the shaft rotation, there must be a consistent drip of liquid, about one drip per second. Running clearance on most new general purpose water pumps is about .010 inch on… Read more »

Early Bird Pricing Ending for Virtual Pump School

Hundreds have already registered; don’t miss out on your chance for classes, networking, and printed resources at the incredible $59 price! Cornell’s virtual pump school offers all the benefits of our annual training with a few added advantages: No hotel rooms to book, no suitcases to pack, and no need to fly to Portland. And… Read more »

Throw Back Thursday: Vintage Brochure from the 50’s

Cornell has been innovative and efficient for nearly 75 years. This page from one of our brochures, circa 1955, shows off a feature you still find on our pumps; the ability to mount in many different configurations. Cutting edge in the 50’s, it still gives our customers the flexibility to use our pumps in a multitude… Read more »

Tuesday Tip: Proper Sump Design

Proper sump design on wet wells and collection ponds help avoid air entrainment in pumps. That air entrainment can lead to cavitation, loss of efficiency, increased maintenance, and shorter pump life. Below are some suggestions to better design sumps to avoid problems. 

Virtual Pump School will feature a Video Factory Tour!

Watch this video done in 2017 to promote Pump School, to get a sense of the factory. We’ll not only be showing pre-recorded components of the factory, but we’ll also have machinery operators available to answer any of your questions, live. And we’ll be doing the same for test lab—one of the largest pump testing… Read more »

Social Media Milestone—You Could Win Cornell Swag

5000+ followers for Cornell Pump on LinkedIn Cornell Pump reached a milestone on LinkedIn last week, topping 5,000 followers. We started our LinkedIn page in December 2011, and for many years had only a few hundred followers. It wasn’t until last year that we broke 3,000 followers. Through promoting blog posts, videos, tips, and more,… Read more »

TUESDAY TIP: Good Piping Support

Good piping support is important to proper pump operation. The pump flanges should not be supporting the strain of the pipe. The weight of water is over eight pounds per gallon (about 3.8 kilograms for the same volume). Many systems have thousands of gallons of liquid in them when operating, weighing literally tons! The strain… Read more »

Co-Pilot—Video Resource in Spanish

We have several Cornell Pump resources available in other languages, including Russian, Dutch, French, Chinese, and our most prevalent offering; Spanish!  One of our most recent Spanish translations includes our Cornell Co-Pilot® explanation video. Cornell Co-Pilot is our innovative pump monitoring system pump data. An Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) device, Co-Pilot allows users to… Read more »