Just because it flushes doesn’t mean it is treatable

Cornell Pump has addressed ragging and plugging caused by wet wipes and other non-biological material in the waste water stream for more than a decade. KATU, a local Portland TV station, recently featured a reminder from the Public Works department for the City of Vancouver, Washington, about not flushing paper towels and disinfecting wipes down the toilet. Everyone should clean well, and often, because of the COVID-19 virus, but do your pipes a favor and don’t clog them up!

Read and see the story on the KATU website.

We worked with the Clark Regional Wastewater District in Vancouver, Washington, years ago to install Cornell Waste Warrior cutter pumps to address their plugging and ragging problems due to wipes. Watch the video to get the whole story.

Learn more about the cutter pumps designed specifically to deal with ragging solids.