Keep Your Condensed Hydraulic Data Book Handy

A couple of weeks ago, Cornell had a request for some of Condensed Hydraulic Data Books from a P.E. in South Carolina. These slim, pocket-vest sized books have been offered by us for decades. The engineer who requested the books wrote:

“I have had the pleasure of using the Cornell Pump condensed hydraulic data book for hundreds of designs since1984. It’s my go-to source for all hydraulic calculations.

I’ve got a young engineer I’m bringing along and would love to have a copy to give him. Would it be possible to obtain a copy or two?”

We are certainly happy to oblige. The engineer even sent a picture of his copy of his much-referenced data book. (We sent him along a couple of new copies he can use as well…)

Cornell provides thousands of these diminutive books with C values, nomographs, and more for handy in-field calculations per year. Use our contact form to request one for yourself.

We also encourage you to use the mobile tool kit on your phone (Apple IOS and Android Play). The apps come in Imperial and metric versions, and allow calculations for TDH, NPSH, friction loss, and suggest Cornell pumps to meet specifications entered.

With these resources, you can make accurate system calculations on the fly!