NSF-Certified Pumps

Cornell Pump is pleased to announce that 23 of Cornell’s clear liquid pump models have been certified to meet the NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 Certifications for lead content. These pumps can be specified in projects which require pumps to meet these strict certification levels.
Features include:

  • Discharge size from 1.25” to 8” (3cm to 20cm),
  • Flows from 30 GPM to near 6,000 GPM (7 to 1,360 m3/h)
  • Heads from 40’ to over 500’ (12.2 to 152m)
  • NPSHr as low as 4’ (1.22 m)
  • High-efficiency design to save energy costs
  • Cycloseal® Sealing system
  • Two-year warranty

Uses for NSF Pumps

Municipal: potable water applications to transfer water from rivers, wells, and reservoirs to treatment facilities, intra-facility, and to end-users. Useful in retrofits to abate lead and other contaminant issues, the pumps are also applicable in agricultural irrigation where lead content is regulated.

Industrial: potable water applications in industrial plants, to transfer water into factories, where no lead content can be added. Also for pump-treated or pre-treatment waste streams out of factories, to avoid introducing lead into the watershed or municipal treatment facilities. Additionally, they can be used in food packing applications where liquid with product is required to meet lead-free standards.

Rental: The pumps are useful in rental applications where certification alleviates the concern over the pump’s potential for contributing to lead contamination.

Visit the new NSF Pumps page on the Cornell website for more information, including a brochure and a list of all certified pump models and datasheets.