Pump-Flo Update

Cornell Pump employs Pump-Flo as a pump selection software tool that allows registered users to select and compare pumps for applications. The program is free, and only requires that the user register in order to access this valuable information.

On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, Cornell Pump updated the desktop version of Pump-Flo with new pump curves. If you use the desktop version, please download the update installer from the Cornell website.

If you use the web-based version of Pump Flo, the program is updated automatically for you. The desktop version can be used offline, in situations such as airplanes without Wi-Fi, but it requires a download onto the user’s computer, and periodic updates to the data when new information is added.

Thousands of Cornell Pump’s distributors and end-users work with Pump Flo frequently, to make the right selection for their application. Learn more at www.cornellpump.com/pump-flo/.