NSF-Certified Pumps

Cornell Pump is pleased to announce that 23 of Cornell’s clear liquid pump models have been certified to meet the NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 Certifications for lead content. These pumps can be specified in projects which require pumps to meet these strict certification levels.
Features include:

  • Discharge size from 1.25” to 8” (3cm to 20cm),
  • Flows from 30 GPM to near 6,000 GPM (7 to 1,360 m3/h)
  • Heads from 40’ to over 500’ (12.2 to 152m)
  • NPSHr as low as 4’ (1.22 m)
  • High-efficiency design to save energy costs
  • Cycloseal® Sealing system
  • Two-year warranty

Uses for NSF Pumps

Municipal: potable water applications to transfer water from rivers, wells, and reservoirs to treatment facilities, intra-facility, and to end-users. Useful in retrofits to abate lead and other contaminant issues, the pumps are also applicable in agricultural irrigation where lead content is regulated.

Industrial: potable water applications in industrial plants, to transfer water into factories, where no lead content can be added. Also for pump-treated or pre-treatment waste streams out of factories, to avoid introducing lead into the watershed or municipal treatment facilities. Additionally, they can be used in food packing applications where liquid with product is required to meet lead-free standards.

Rental: The pumps are useful in rental applications where certification alleviates the concern over the pump’s potential for contributing to lead contamination.

Visit the new NSF Pumps page on the Cornell website for more information, including a brochure and a list of all certified pump models and datasheets.

Throw Back Thursday – Pump School from the early 1950s

This picture is from the early days of Pump School. Company founder Clint Warren (back to camera at lectern) was leading the class. Since Cornell started pump schools in 1949, we have trained tens of thousands of participants on basic hydraulics, centrifugal pump operation, and pump troubleshooting.

We’re celebrating 70 years of pump school this year—Pump School is sold out for 2019, however you can request to be put on a waiting list.

We’re in Las Vegas Today!

Cornell Pump is supporting a distributor at the 35th annual Tri-State Seminar in Las Vegas. Aimed at water and waste water professionals in Arizona, Nevada, and California, the show is a great place to showcase our solutions for waste water such as cutters and N-series pumps. Our 23 models of NSF certified pumps have also proven very interesting to attendees. The Seminar runs through August 8th at the South Point Hotel & Casino.

Learn more about our municipal pumps.

Big Impeller

Cornell Pump sees thousands of impellers machined and balanced in the factory every year. Some are considerably bigger than others, though. This solids handling impeller is pictured next to a bronze impeller often used in our agricultural pumps for size comparison.  It started out as 28″ in diameter (before trimming) and 19 1/4″ tall. Also notice the 12″/ 30cm ruler in front of the impeller for reference.

Cornell makes impellers that can handle more than a 10″/ 26cm solid, with flows over 38,000 GPM/ 8600 m3/h. Many of our brochures list types of impellers available, and all of our data sheets show impeller materials and trims available.  You can find most of our brochures here on the Cornell Website.

Cornell Company Picnic, 2019

Cornell employees enjoyed a great family picnic on Saturday, August 3rd at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).  More than 200 attendees enjoy the picnic, raffle prizes, great weather, and all that OMSI had in store for families. The highlight was The Science Behind PIXAR, which delved into how PIXAR generates all their wonderful animated characters using science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts.

Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and getting better acquainted with co-workers’ families.

Pump-Flo Update

Cornell Pump employs Pump-Flo as a pump selection software tool that allows registered users to select and compare pumps for applications. The program is free, and only requires that the user register in order to access this valuable information.

On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, Cornell Pump updated the desktop version of Pump-Flo with new pump curves. If you use the desktop version, please download the update installer from the Cornell website.

If you use the web-based version of Pump Flo, the program is updated automatically for you. The desktop version can be used offline, in situations such as airplanes without Wi-Fi, but it requires a download onto the user’s computer, and periodic updates to the data when new information is added.

Thousands of Cornell Pump’s distributors and end-users work with Pump Flo frequently, to make the right selection for their application. Learn more at www.cornellpump.com/pump-flo/.

Happy 4th of July from Cornell Pump

Cornell Pump Closed on Thursday, July 4th

Limited Operations on Friday, July 5th

Cornell Pump will be closed in observance of Independence Day on Thursday, July 4th. We wish all our employees, distributors, end users, and friends a safe and happy holiday.

Our factory will be closed on Friday, July 5.  However, we will have limited staffing on that day, in order to respond to emergency requests.

We’ll be back to regular hours on Monday, July 8, 2019.

Cornell eCatalog Now Boasts Offline Functionality

Cornell Pump’s eCatalog allows end users, distributors, engineers, and others to look up pump curves and dimension prints on pump models. This useful resource is accessed from our website hundreds of times a week.

Now, the eCatalog can be used without internet connectivity. The catalog can be downloaded to a laptop computer, and accessed in the air, in remote areas, or anywhere else an internet connection is not available.

To use the offline version, The catalog must be synchronized with a computer. The offline catalog is recommended for use with Google Chrome (for best compatibility).  Go to the eCatalog, and press the ‘sync offline’ button on the upper right hand side of the screen. The files will download onto the computer.


Depending on internet speed and the number of drawings and curves in the catalog, synchronization times will vary. Typically, synchronization times will range between 2 and 5 minutes. The website must be kept open during synchronization, and the eCatalog is fully functional during this time. A progress bar will display the current synchronization progress.

When synchronization is complete, an alert will be displayed to the user indicating that the synchronization was successful. After this message is displayed, the website will be ready for offline use, without an internet connection.

Make it an App

The eCatalog can be made into a desktop application after the synchronization process.

  • Open the Chrome menu by clicking the ellipsis (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click “Install Cornell Pump eCatalog…” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click “Install” in the resulting dialog.
  • This will install the eCatalog as an application, with a shortcut on the user’s desktop.
Note: click on images for larger view

The eCatalog does not have to be used offline; it will still function perfectly well online, on numerous platforms such as Apple IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and others.

Cornell Pump Celebrates World Refrigeration Day

Cornell Pump has been integral to refrigeration systems with our CB series of pumps since the 1950’s. More recently, our Arctic King series of hermetic refrigeration pumps have been industry favorites. As such,  we are proud to celebrate the first annual World Refrigeration Day.

The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) — Europe’s independent intergovernmental science and technology based organization which promotes knowledge of refrigeration — spearheaded the development of this, the first World Refrigeration Day.

The day is designed to point out how refrigeration makes life better for every person, as well as the massive economic impact refrigeration makes. A PDF white paper is available to from IIR on how refrigeration makes the world a better place every day.



A Week of Food Trucks at Cornell

Cornell Pump Company is starting a week of food trucks at the factory, as a thank you to all employees for working extra hard at the end of Q2!

Today’s food truck makes meals with a mission.  Mission Bar-B-Que not only serves tasty barbecue, but also helps men, women, and children from the devastating effects of homelessness, hunger, addiction, and abuse.  All proceeds from Mission Bar-B-Que support the work of Portland Rescue Mission.

Cornell employees enjoyed some hot and sweet brisket and pulled pork, all the while helping the homeless in Portland.  We look forward to pizza, sliders, and more deliciousness throughout the week.

If you’d like to join the Cornell Pump team, see our employment page. You might not be hired in time for BBQ this week, but you’re sure to enjoy food trucks in the future!