Throwback Thursday – Hydro Turbines!

Cornell has been designing and manufacturing pumps for municipal projects for decades. In the Pacific Northwest—where our factory started and remains today—there was concerted push for river dams to help alleviate flooding like the 1948 Vanport flood in Oregon that destroyed housing for 20,000 residents and tragically killed 15.

Throughout the 50’s and early 1960’s dam projects were placed around Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Not only did it help alleviate flooding concerns, but also helped bring clean and plentiful hydro-electric power to the region.

Cornell supplied these turbines for a dam project of that era. We were involved in more than a dozen dam projects over about a decade; as well as working on pumping systems for fish ladders to protect native salmon and other fish.

We do plenty of municipal projects to this day, such as wastewater treatment plants, airport HVACs, and flooding mitigation projects. And we even make small hydro turbines to this day.